2017 Season – (FRC) STEAMWORKS

2016 Season – (FRC) Stronghold

Build season is officially over! We’re proud to present our 2016 competition robot, Knighthawk. We’re utilizing 6 “balloon” tires on a tank drive. Our intake is a multi-directional conveyor that allows us to easily intake boulders. Our shooter is a pneumatic punch mounted on an adjustable arm. All of this is packed into a robot with a total height less than 13 inches, allowing us to maneuver under the low bar. We will be competing at the Buckeye and Wisconsin Regional. We welcome anyone to stop by and support us.

Main Features

Height of under 13 inches-Pneumatic Shooter-6 Wheel tank drive – “balloon” tires- Power Take Off Winch – Claw Climbing System-Multi-Directional Roller Intake

2016 Season Competiton Summary

Buckeye Regional
Rank #19 with 6-5-0 record
Regional Finalist
UL Industrial Safety Award Finalist

Wisconsin Regional
Rank #5 with 11-6-1 record
Regional Finalist
UL Industrial Safety Award Winner
Excellence in Engineering Award Winner

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